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2 Keys to a Positive Candidate Experience and How to Achieve it

Whether a candidate applies to a large corporation or a small business, they will always anticipate acknowledgment of an online application submission. Some hiring teams still lack the proper tools to make it happen.

A lack of communication can do significant damage to company reputation. Some talent will form negative opinions and think twice about reapplying for future positions. Others will lose faith that their application was reviewed by a recruiter. In the mind of the candidate, negative news is better than no news.

As recruiters adapt to optimized hiring practices, many are beginning to use applicant tracking systems (ATS) technology to automate communication and help maintain a positive candidate experience.

So, what are some of the keys to creating a positive candidate experience?

Refined Job Descriptions

Presenting essential information such as salary, benefits, and bonuses in job descriptions is key for attracting qualified candidates. Engaging prospects with vital information within the first moments of interaction provides transparency.

Comparably, some companies make the mistake of creating descriptions that appear too flashy without backing it up with data; suggesting the employer could be overcompensating for a less than desirable environment. Sticking to the concept of offering valuable information within job descriptions will gain an applicant’s trust and increase candidate flow.

Automate Communication

Communicating with candidates should begin as soon as an application is submitted. Technology will help automate the process.

Automatic letters setup using recruitment software provides hiring teams an easy method to send emails based on a candidate’s disposition. This allows recruiters to maintain timely communication with their talent pool without the need for manual work.

While calls and emails remain the standard for communication, text recruiting is also a great way to connect with talent in real time. The right applicant recruiting software will provide texting tools to reach qualified candidates and schedule interviews instantly; speeding up the review and hiring process.

Now more than ever, recruiters have the technology needed to perform an abundance of tasks in a shorter amount of time and present a positive candidate experience. Remaining upfront and consistent with talent gives them peace of mind while reflecting positively upon company culture. It’s all about finding the right software tool to get the job done.