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October 30, 2019
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7 Truths About Text Recruiting Software


Text recruiting is the new way to communicate with job seekers.  With 81% of Americans using a smart device, it’s important recruiters include the ability as a source to connect with potential employees.

ATSOnDemand’s applicant tracking system includes a built-in texting tool providing hiring teams a seamless and budget-friendly texting tool to connect with talent, schedule interviews, and hire them fast! 

7 Truths:

Texts Never Expire

Select the best texting package based on what you need and only pay one-time. Purchase more when you need them!

Private Communication

Text talent using the ATS. We purchase a private telephone number that sends and receives all messages. Communications are tracked in the messaging center.

Text Message Center

All conversations with talent live in the messaging center! Other permissible ATS users can hop in on text conversations with full transparency.

Mass Messaging

Send all candidates within a particular workflow a mass text message.


Candidates have the option to opt-out of receiving text messages during the apply process. Candidates who opt-in will have text enabled to their personal profiles.

Schedule Interviews

Send interview invites based on availability for candidates to select or reject. Accepted dates and times will automatically be added to user calendars and be disabled so others can’t double book you!

Market Jobs Via Text

Setup custom codes candidates can text to instantly receive job links and other information.

Our text recruitment tool was built in-house and with love.

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