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The Secret to Speedy Employee Onboarding

employee onboarding software

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Onboarding can be one of the most time consuming parts of the hiring process. According to HR Technologist, the average recruit endures 54 activities as part of their onboarding experience. Processes such as filling out paperwork can take a long time to complete with storage and organization required to manage effectively.

Organizations who focus on upgrading their process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%, creating a positive impression and experience for new employees.

Companies that want an exceptional onboarding experience can achieve it with the right employee onboarding software. But how does this technology make things better?

Use Electronic Documents

Paperwork can be transformed to electronic documents to be viewed and signed remotely. This allows new hires to complete paperwork prior to their first day and allows them to prepare ahead of time. Electronic documents are organized in one place, rather than in a filing cabinet, and can be tracked and shared internally among hiring teams.

Automated Notifications & Progress Tracking

With a proper onboarding solution, teams can track a new hire’s progress with completing tasks. Hiring teams can also manage themselves to ensure internal tasks are implemented before a due date. Time management is easy with an onboarding process that provides automation and proper tracking.

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