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Health Is Wealth During The Coronavirus Pandemic: A CEO’s Take On Remote Work & Staying Positive


With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting the workforce across the globe, companies are working hard to protect employee health while finding ways to stay in business. In these uncertain times, strong leadership, teamwork, and technology are more important than ever.

CEO and President of ATS OnDemand Arthur Pereless III provided his take in a recent Forbes survey on how his company was responding to the pandemic and how they continued to operate successfully:

What is your biggest (immediate) fear due to the pandemic?

“The fear of my employees getting sick.”

Are you expecting any challenges with the shift to work remote work?

“Luckily, no! As a technology company, working remote is a common event. From the day we founded this company, it was important to maintain the health and safety of our most precious resource: our people! Whether we are dealing with a destructive weather event like Hurricane Sandy or an employee is feeling sick, we always proceed with caution and provide individuals the option to work from home. We utilize technology services such as virtual conference software and Slack chat to maintain a constant stream of communication and cohesive approach to our day to day tasks. This has always worked for us.”

How are you planning to maintain the culture of the company with all the uncertainty?

“Cultural adaption is something we found born in the recruitment and hiring process. When building a team, it is important that hard working, strong-minded, and strong-willed individuals can meld seamlessly together from day one. This is not easy to do. Yet, in my 20 years in business, I can say it is one of our greatest achievements! The ATS OnDemand team respect each other and truly care for the well being of one another. Because of this, I am sure our positive culture and remote work will remain stellar during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

What will be your primary focus for the next two weeks?

“Business as usual from a remote standpoint. We built this company on stellar support and best-in-class recruiting applications, so we will be sure to keep our core values in tact and be there for our customers every step of the way. We plan to continue remote work until the first week of April and make further decisions as time goes on.”