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March 18, 2020
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Snag Talent Fast With Text Recruiting Software


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the economy upside down, with the U.S. Labor Department citing about 30 million jobs ended this spring. As the summer intensifies and cases begin to decline, companies are opening their doors and hiring again. Yet, things have changed. Businesses are increasingly turning to text recruiting software and other technologies to source and communicate with talent fast. Here are some reasons why:

Hire talent before the competition does.

Companies getting ready to hire post-COVID have a massive pool of talented and eager candidates to choose from. Did you know that:

81% of the American population own a smart phone.

95% of text messages received are read.

98% of texts are opened compared to just 20% of emails.

Engaging job seekers via text allows recruiters to establish relationships far quicker than email or call. Recruitment phases like scheduling interviews can be reached in a matter of seconds through text recruitment versus several days via email or telephone.

According to CNBC, 55% of recruiters are focusing their efforts on phone calls to source talent. Texting prospects can expedite the process even more.

Think before you text.

Not all job seekers will appreciate communications via text, even though the Coronavirus has changed things significantly. About 96% of people ages 18-29 have a smart device, while only 79% of people aged 50-64 do. Consider your talent pool demographic before texting them and stick to traditional steps if needed. Make sure they have a way to opt-in and out of receiving texts from your team.

Text Recruitment + Applicant Tracking Software

Searching for texting capability and recruiting tools in one system? ATS OnDemand’s applicant tracking system (ATS) includes a built-in text message functionality. Build relationships and schedule interviews within seconds at a budget-friendly cost!

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