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3 Mindful Tips Before Using Text Recruiting Software


Text recruiting has become a popular way for hiring teams to connect with talent fast. With a growing number of 81% of the American population owning a smart phone, engaging job seekers via text could establish relationships far quicker than email or a phone call. 

With a smart and intuitive texting tool, important recruitment milestones can be completed from anywhere within seconds. Yet there are a few things to keep in mind before blasting text messages to your prospects.

1. Make sure candidates have options

Candidates should always have the choice to opt-out of receiving text messages from recruiters. This is typically established within an online job application. Data fees will apply when sending text messages, so be sure candidates are aware and compliant. 

2. Understand candidate pool demographics

Not everyone will appreciate communications through text message. That’s why it’s important to understand your audience. About 96% of people ages 18-29 have a smart device, while only 79% of people aged 50-64 do. Consider candidate demographics and make sure communicating via text is a smart recruitment strategy.

3. Applications should be mobile-friendly

If candidates cannot easily apply for jobs using a mobile device, the chance to text them may never exist. Applications incompatible with smart phones could significantly increase the chance of candidates abandoning the apply process. Don’t miss out on talent because the application is not compatible!

Text Recruitment + Applicant Tracking Software

ATSOD’s applicant tracking system (ATS) includes a built-in text message functionality. Candidates who opt-in can receive texts from recruiters to discuss details and book interview times. ATS scheduling feature automates calendar management to sync confirmed interviews and avoid schedule conflicts.

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