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June 11, 2018
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June 25, 2018
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Improve Time-To-Fill Rates With This Free Upgrade

Invite team members to participate in candidate review and hiring for free!

Human Resource (HR) professionals in charge of interviewing and hiring talent for their business may need to incorporate individuals outside of HR to complete important tasks.  We don’t believe in charging businesses extra fees so applicant tracking system (ATS) users can communicate with teams and manage approvals.  ATSOnDemand’s applicant tracking solution provides the freedom for system administrators to add an unlimited amount of “Recruit Team Members” at no extra cost; enhancing team collaboration, streamlining the candidate review process, and improving time-to-fill rates.

Free & Unlimited Recruit Team Members 

System administrators control, manage, and organize all ATS users, including Recruit Team Members.  Recruit team members will not have access to the ATS portal, yet can receive emails to review and complete tasks triggered by ATS users.  This includes candidate applications and resumes, E-forms, Offer Letters, and Job approvals.  Recruit Team Members can accept, reject, and make comments on all functionalities which are logged into the ATS.

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