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U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Decade

Recent reports have shown that the United States unemployment rate has hit an all-time low after sixteen years. Since the beginning of the recession in 2007, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have lost their jobs and of due to no fault of their own.

Since this crisis, many new jobs have been created in order to combat the high amount of unemployed. Almost 240,000 jobs old and new, to be exact. Besides the introduction and creation of new jobs and potential careers, what other factors helped to lower the unemployment rate?

Many argue that the introduction of applicant tracking software (ATS)  into human resources departments could have had an influence on this number.

Recruiting has taken a step above and beyond in recent years in helping businesses to find the best possible applicants to work their unfilled positions. Applicant tracking can help to select through candidates with vast backgrounds and qualifications to see if they are a match for your job posting.

Ten years prior to this, most positions were still being filled entirely the old fashioned way. This system works, but offers little information about potential employees than just meets the eye. Businesses are starting to take notice of this and have begun to implement an ATS into their humans resource departments in order to evolve talent acquisition within the company. These softwares are constantly improving and we hope to see the unemployment rate to continue to fall as applicant tracking softwares become more prevalent.