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August 4, 2017
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Powerful HR Recruitment Tool That’s Budget Friendly

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Human Resource (HR) departments serve an important purpose: find quality and compatible talent to fill jobs at their company.   Recruiting, reviewing, interviewing, and hiring people can take time and cost money – especially if you are sourcing for hard to fill positions.   In the technology age, HR software like applicant tracking systems (ATS) have emerged as the primary solution to streamlining recruitment tasks because it automates the apply process, organizes candidate data, and assists hiring teams in accomplishing tasks quicker using one system.  Yet, not all applicant tracking systems are created equal.  Luckily, there is one ATS that combines innovation and functionality with a cost-effective platform that serves as a powerful recruiting tool for smaller companies and start-ups.  Here are just some of the ways ATS OnDemand’s (ATSOD) applicant tracking system can benefit your business.

One-Page Apply With Prescreening Questions – By default, ATSOD’s job applications are a simple and easy one-page process for job candidates to complete.  One page ensures that candidate flow remains steady and continues to increase thanks to a user-friendly and quick process.  One page apply is equipped with parsing capabilities so when candidates upload a resume file, their basic information such as name, address, and phone number are automatically pulled from their document and filled into the respective fields.  Employers can add custom prescreening questions that are built inside the ATS and attached to jobs by system administrators. These questions can be set up as required or not required and can be set as “knock-out” or “knock-in” questions to disposition candidates into specific recruit flows based on responses to questions.  This assists with application organization and makes it easier to manage and review candidate profiles based on qualifications.

Free & Instant Postings To Job Boards –  All jobs created within ATSOD’s platform can be posted for free instantly to Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, & U.S. Jobs.  We also make it easy to connect other third-party job boards to the ATS.  ATSOD also makes it possible to post jobs manually to sites that do not integrate with applicant tracking software (such as Craigslist or college job boards) using a shortened URL tool that renders a direct link to specific jobs or a company’s entire career site.

Automatic Letters & Recruit Flow Management – Create custom email letters that are connected to recruit flows so they can be sent manually or automatically via the ATS.  Letters attached to a certain recruit flow will be sent to candidates who land within those flows.  For instance, candidates who successfully submit an application can automatically be moved to a “new” recruit flow.  All candidates within this flow can be set by system users to receive a, “Thank you for applying” email to ensure they are aware their application was successfully submitted while keeping the lines of communication open with your talent pool.  Communication with job candidates is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation for future job prospects!

More Features & Functionalities You Can Expect: 

  • Cloud-based & secure ATS system
  • Responsive client support team
  • System user hierarchy for team management and flexibility
  • Reporting portal including templates & build your own report
  • Scheduling & team communication
  • Text messaging capability inside of the ATS
  • Applicant support team & live chat to assist candidates

To learn more about ATS OnDemand’s “Pay As You Grow” applicant tracking system, schedule a demo with us here or call us during business hours to speak with our friendly support staff!

(Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM EST)