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How to Use Employees Brand Advocacy

Researchers and studies have begun to argue that brand advocacy amongst employees and the organization is necessary for company success and brand awareness. Having a clear employee brand and mission is also your best bet in terms of talent acquisition and brand growth.

In order to grow your company and increase the size of its following, these steps will provide you with the knowledge it takes to implement employees that can and will become genuine brand advocates. Make sure that your business is doing everything in its power to construct a concrete brand.

This is first accomplished by creating and designating an employee brand. These employees can then become brand advocates that can act as living personifications of your company culture and mission. Jess Von Bank, Vice President of business development at Symphony Talent argues, “your employees are powerful megaphones for your employee brand…they can act as natural storytellers with authentic voices and experiences.”

Having employees share your corporate culture, mission, and values will attract the best possible recruits. Find people that sympathize and believe in your brand and they will surely become advocates.

Bank’s argument is a valid point and is crucial for bringing authenticity into your business its perceived image. With your employees acting as real spokespersons, people and potential customers who aren’t already aware of your company or mission learn firsthand from someone who genuinely does.

This type of support and brand authenticity isn’t something that can just be bought or learned, it’s accomplished through hiring the best possible employees. Once you have some employees to embody this brand advocacy, more will follow as your brand soon rises in the ranks and grows in presence.