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March 23, 2018
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Treat Candidates How They Want To Be Treated…

New advances in technology have improved the way companies collect and manage job applications while making it easier for individuals to apply for positions.  Unfortunately, some recruiting professionals depend on technology too often and risk losing quality talent.  Recruiters utilizing an applicant tracking system (ATS) can witness increased candidate flow and hiring rates while lowering business costs and improving overall processes – yet it’s important to remain “human” when it comes to the apply process.  No matter the type of company for which you work, treating candidates as if they are are customers is a winning strategy for reputation and beyond.

Communication is key

As an HR professional, responsibilities can range from applicant review, interviewing, hiring, payroll, and keeping up with compliance laws.  With so many tasks, it can be easy to set your ATS on autopilot to handle the bulk of initial recruiting efforts. However, it is important to create a balance between technology and human interaction.

One common support question coming from applicants is a request for a confirmation email ensuring successful submission.  The majority of services online will send an email confirming a purchase, request, or any other important action.  Job applications should not be exempt, and this will help maintain a positive rapport with talent even if they are not selected.  Failing to respond  could lead to confusion, a massive increase in candidate calls and emails, and may even lead to negative comments on social platforms. While it is nearly impossible to prevent bitter candidates from lashing out, it is possible to prevent bad publicity related to oversight of using a software properly.

Maintain a positive reputation through rejection

Communication with prospective candidates is a great way to maintain a positive company reputation.   Strive to show all candidates that you prioritize being timely, consistent, organized, and respectful to their efforts, even if they are not selected for a position.  Someone who is not fit for your company now could be a crucial addition in the future.  Maintaining healthy relationships allows you to build a quality talent pool you can tap into when needed.   It also avoids negative feedback that could be posted to social platforms and damage company reputation overall. It is never fun to reject someone, but it is essential to be honest, as even a message of rejection can be appreciated as opposed to being ignored.  Treat job candidates how they want to be treated.