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March 29, 2018
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4 Tips For Successful Phone Interviews

Employers may request a phone interview as a preliminary assessment prior to in-person job interviews.  This is a great way for recruiters to review candidates while narrowing down talent pools to their final selections.   If you are chosen to conduct an interview over the phone, this is great news!  Yet, be prepared.  There are a few key points to remember for phone-specific interviews to ensure the best outcome.  Here are a few tips via career coach Linda Raynier:

Confidence & Energy

It is vital to have just the right amount of energy and confidence through the phone.  Because the employer is unable to see your face or read body language, it’s important to portray a positive vibe verbally, but without being overly aggressive.  Be pleasant, calm, and confident in your answers.


Be clear and articulate in your responses.  Don’t stumble on your words, speak too quickly, or give monotone one-word answers.  Recording your voice and listening back to your answers is a great way to practice your speech and also prepare for interview questions.

Be Qualified

Make sure you are interviewing for a job you can actually commit to.  Having the qualifications, knowledge, and experience for the position will show through a phone interview.  Focus on keywords that are listed in the job descriptions and match them to your capabilities.

Have An Stellar Resume

Often times, hiring managers conducting phone interviews will be assessing your resume on the spot.  Make sure your resume is up to par, is organized and in an easy to read format, and highlights all of your achievements and qualifications to match the position.   Be ready to summarize these points!


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