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October 18, 2017
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The 1 Thing Job Applicants Want…


…Is an email confirming their job application was received by the employer!

In the modern age where technology is king and paper applications are a thing of the past, job candidates are now applying for jobs online.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) make this possible, providing a tool for employers to create jobs and post them to company career pages and third-party job boards.  Every individual performing a transaction online, whether it be purchasing a product or applying for a job, expects to receive some form of confirmation via email.  If you are not sending candidates a letter thanking them for applying, your ATS support will become inundated with support calls and emails asking for confirmations of success and, “Was my application received?  I didn’t receive an email confirmation.”  Not only does this put the pressure on your support team, but this can be viewed as bad practice in regards to employer branding.

An innovative ATS will provide system users 100% control of letters sent to candidates.  This includes the ability to customize letters, decide who is authorized to send letters, use a generic “from” email address to prevent unsolicited email responses from candidates, set up letters to be sent automatically once an applicant is placed within a particular work flow, and even have the ability to delay a message if needed.  You also need to be sure all letters that are sent are documented and the users who sent them are noted.  When your entire review process can be automated while ensuring applicants are kept in the loop (even if they are rejected) will streamline recruitment and ensure your company’s reputation is protected.

With the right applicant tracking software, just 1 click will send candidates an email message to satisfy their needs while maintaining a positive rapport with your talent pool.  Keep candidates happy with the best ATS in on market…

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