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Three Things to Consider Before Implementing an Applicant Tracking System

Written By: Alex Goldfarb

When a Human Resource team decides to implement an applicant tracking system (ATS), what are they expecting to get?  Many studies have shown they have no idea!  An ATS is a way to use Software as a Service to make the recruiting process easier; providing HR with tools to organize and review incoming job applicants and manage the hiring process.  Recruiters understand that ATS is a buzzword and a step toward success when it comes to managing recruitment, yet many are unaware of how to prepare themselves and their employees of what to expect during ATS implementation.  Here are three things to consider during your search for an applicant tracking system.


One: What Does Your Company Truly Need from an ATS?

First, it is important that HR leaders are aware of the features an applicant tracking system provides and if they are compatible to the size of your business. There are simple business solution applicant tracking systems that handle general management and communication with applicants while others provide larger suites catering to specific business needs.  Purchasing a system that is better suited for large corporations while operating a small business can be costly, not to mention unnecessary.  Make sure you are purchasing an ATS that is flexible to your needs, has fair payment options, and provides you tools that are suitable to the size of your organization.

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