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July 20, 2016
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August 9, 2016
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The Power and Importance Of Internships

Written By: Spencer Pereless

You just graduated from college with a perfect grade point average and high recommendations from professors and advisors. You’re probably thinking that you can land any job because of your glowing resume-but the truth is-you’re missing one of the most important credentials: experience. Many things can be learned while sitting in a lecture hall listening to Professors teach, but in order to become qualified and prepared for your next step in life, you need an internship.

GPAs and recommendations are considered valuable by employers, yet internships provide the student with hands on, real-life experience that enhances their skills to obtain a job in the future. By already having the knowledge and experience necessary in a workplace environment, you give yourself a greater chance of getting hired by your preferred employer.

Internships can benefit the student professionally by allowing them to develop job-related skills.  Observing professional behaviors, participating in company projects, sitting in on meetings, and executing tasks can begin the individual’s transition from college student to career professional. Internships also can have a positive effect on company production, providing employees with extra help on their workload while teaching interns everyday mechanisms of the workplace. Many internships are paid, which can help cover student loan costs and make the student feel valued as if they are a full-time employee. Companies who are satisfied with an intern’s work ethic, teamwork, and ability to learn will most likely offer them a full time job after they graduate.  Not only will an internship benefit a student professionally, it helps them grow personally.  Positive character traits such as maturity, initiative, and diligence can be acquired through an internship and carried on throughout life.

Employers want to hire someone who is experienced and who works well with others.  Internships provide the stepping stones for the student, providing them with the experience they need to grow professionally and personally.  Overall, the positive of having an internship outweighs the negatives immensely.