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July 22, 2016
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Facing The Competition

face the competiton

The results are in! Your company’s product(s) rank in the top 10 and the office is jumping for joy. Obviously, Your company has done the right things, made the important people happy, and now is reaching out to the world to tell this success story. This all may be very exciting, but what about all the other companies in your space that rank either higher or the ones that are right behind you. These companies will do whatever is necessary to be number one. These companies are considered your competition and they will never fade away.

No company is ever perfect. Your company will experience times when a competitor either takes a potential client or even steals an existing client . However there are also times where your company will triumph and reach heights that you never could have imagined. Without competition, what will push your company to the next step? How will you learn from your  mistakes, and build off of them? Always look at the competition, this will assist in building stronger product(s) and ultimately a stronger company.


The Importance Of Product Support

Companies are always looking to partner with other companies that can provide the best support. That’s why being just as good as your competition doesn’t cut it. To succeed you must grow, and adapt to market change, you must listen to your clients feedback and find out what their needs are moving forward.  This approach will not only enhance the product but it will keep your client happy and provide greater obstacles for the competition to engage.


Pricing Strategy

Strategy is critical when facing a competitor, however never bring money into the picture. A company may set their prices at a certain mark to make sure they are profiting off the clients they are bringing in. However, a competitor will look at your prices and try to compete by lowering their costs. This change can cause potential clients to reconsider joining you and buying a less expensive product.  This doesn’t mean you should change your prices…you shouldn’t! How the product functions and how it brings value to your clients will ultimately determine the value. The focus should be primarily on how your clients can achieve greater success by using your product.


Once You Get Ahead, Stay There!

Being number one takes great skill and hours of endless work everyday. The hardest part is keeping that position while improving your efforts.  There are certain things you and the company can do that will help promote your success even further. First, knowing your customers and making sure they are capable of using the product is a great way to keep clients pleased. Forming a personal relationship with the product users and the company in general will help keep a lasting and loyal relationship.  Another great way to stay ahead of the game is reaching out to clients through social media. Let the client and also prospects know all about your product through the various tools that social media now provides, what you have to offer, and the benefits of using your product all while using a platform that has the potential to reach an audience world-wide.  Make your product unique and make it stand out. . Finally, plan for the future and be aware of all possible outcomes. Something unexpected could be detrimental to your business, and the worst way to deal with a situation is having no idea what to do.  Make sure you have all of the right players on your team to ensure you are protected and prepared for the inevitable obstacles that will arise.


In closing, the best thing your competition can do for you is push you harder.  When your company works hard, new ideas are inspired, and opportunities for growth are created.   Employees who are encouraged to participate in sharing their ideas and working towards business goals will enjoy coming to work everyday because they will see the positive results from their efforts.   Above all, a strong and happy team is what drives a business towards everlasting success.