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February 11, 2016
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Make Your Job Listings Applicant Friendly By Becoming Mobile Friendly

Written By: Nikki Holcombe

Let’s be honest: How many times do you check your phone throughout the day? 10, 25, 50, 100+ times a day? In the midst of a mobile revolution, mobile device and tablet usage has become extremely prominent. Instead of just using your mobile device to surf the web, make phone calls, or answer a quick text message, many people are now using their mobile devices to search for employment.

A survey conducted by Glassdoor has found that 9 in 10 job seekers use their mobile devices to search for job opportunities. Candidates using their mobile device has become the most popular and used platform by job seekers.  Unfortunately, many companies have not yet made their career sites and applications mobile friendly.  The inability to access an application on a mobile device turns off potential employees who could have been a great asset to your company. Therefore, companies should focus their efforts in making their career sites mobile friendly.

The most important reason for this is convenience.  As the saying goes, “Convenience is key.” Making your site mobile friendly will give you access to all of the candidates searching for jobs on their mobile phones while making it easier for job-seekers to find opportunities within your company. Not only will it make it more convenient for job-seekers, it will also make things easier for companies themselves. Once you make your career site mobile friendly, the next demand is making applications mobile friendly, too. Once a candidate finds a job on their mobile device, it would be a hassle for them to have to switch to a desktop or laptop computer just to fill out the application. Removing the inconvenient and unnecessary extra steps of finding another device can ensure candidates complete the application.

The only logical solution to this is to make applications accessible on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile friendly career sites and applications provide faster access to information, help reduce costs, and also help offices become more environmentally friendly. Why wouldn’t a company want to make it more convenient for job-seekers to search and apply for jobs within their company?