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The Power of Video & Social Media Recruitment During COVID-19


A survey asked 200 job recruiters how they were adapting to new workplace situations due to COVID-19.

84% hiring teams shifting towards remote work

80% using video interviewing software

46% increasing social media presence to share job opportunities

58% using social media platforms to promote brand reputation and network with candidates

With the pivot towards remote hiring, sourcing and communicating with talent requires thinking outside of the box. Social media recruitment and technologies that host video interviewing are a great tool to maintain business growth while improving the way you hire.

Candidate Outreach Using Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with a large amount of people. With recruitment and jobs going entirely online, what better way to share opportunities than on social platforms.


While companies can use personal or business accounts to post online, Social media management platforms like Hootsuite make it easy for recruiters to create, schedule, and automate posts to share on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Hootsuite also has an easy to use analytics tool to help track performance and engagement. Some applicant tracking systems offer major discounts on Hootsuite, merging both job creation, posting, and social media recruitment to one source.

Conducting Remote Interviews

Once you have discovered talent, it’s time to get to know them through interviews. The next steps typically involve phone interviews and in-person meetings. If you’re looking to consolidate the process while avoiding face-to-face interviews, video interviewing software will be your new best friend!

The Power of Video Software

Most video interview platforms provide the option of one-way video or live video interviewing. Depending on what works best for your hiring team, each method can increase return on investment by saving time, money, and speeding up interview processes that typically prolong hiring.

According to Amy Hargrove of All Web Leads, this popular video interviewing platform, “Decreased the time we spend screening candidates by 67%.” Leslie Willson from Digital Federal Credit Union cited that her team, “…Made 300 hires out of 8,000 applicants with a recruiting team of 3 people.”

Interviewing software removes the need for phone screening, lets you learn more about candidates in less time, and helps you focus on the best talent. It also improves scheduling and internal collaboration.

Even absent a global pandemic, video interviewing software and social media recruitment is a cost-effective method for sourcing and the interview process. The year 2020 has proven that we all need to familiarize ourselves with ways to maneuver through obstacles using unique methods. Social recruiting and remote interviewing can do just that for recruiters!

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