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August 11, 2020
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Recruiting On A Budget? 2 Ways To Do It For Less Than 100 Bucks


Recruiting on a budget and finding talent are now more challenging than ever. With COVID-19 shut downs and companies struggling to get back on their feet, ATS OnDemand is determined to help hiring teams continue to grow. Here are two ways our applicant tracking software can help:

Free Postings To Top Job Boards

A main function of applicant tracking is creating jobs and posting them to external job boards. Websites like LinkedIn and Indeed integrate with ATS platforms allowing employers to take advantage of their free feeds. Listings are visible to the pubic based on company name, location, and job category criteria. In a matter of minutes, jobs can be created and posted live to the public. ATS OnDemand’s platform also enables hiring teams to share job links on websites that do not integrate with ATS software (like college classifieds), expanding their reach even further while tracking progress.

Free Teamwork & Communication

Many ATS vendors charge users based on company size. ATS OnDemand allows you to pay for what you need and allows an unlimited amount of free non-licensed users to participate in the recruitment process. Need one recruiter but still want to include other members of the team outside of HR? We make it simple without breaking the bank.

Start Recruiting For Less Than $100 Bucks

Budget-conscious teams eager to grow fast can get a full-suite of applicant tracking tools for less than $100 per month with ATS OnDemand. Request our “pay as you grow” datasheet to learn about our features or request a demo to get a live walk-through!

Recruiting on a budget + applicant tracking software

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