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October 7, 2020
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December 10, 2020
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Hiring in 2021: What You Need To Know! SparkHire & ATS OnDemand Webinar


Video interview software provider Spark Hire hosted a live webinar with ATS OnDemand to discuss the positive recruiting changes of 2020 and what to expect for next year.

Key takeaways:

1: What are some positive changes to the hiring process in 2020 and how can hiring teams bring them into the new year?

1) Remote work is increasingly accepted and implemented in 2020.

2) Technologies like Spark Hire video interview software work well with applicant tracking software to help companies transition to virtual hiring quickly.

3) Millions of talented people now searching for jobs. Expanding reach through virtual jobs increases talent pool size, flow, and bottom line.  

4) New jobs and opportunities created through innovations and societal dilemmas.

5) Businesses are electing to save money by closing physical locations and working 100% virtual.

2: Any recommendations on technology to adapt in 2021 to maintain productivity & communication?
  1. Internal chat rooms such as Slack to connect with teams in real-time.
  2. Video conferencing calls for in-person setting and presentation capability.
  3. Use applicant tracking to automate job ads, provide online applications, and improve talent pool management.
3: With the ongoing search for soft skills across all industries, how have you seen companies use technology to better recruit for them?

Soft skills are the communication style, personality traits, and particular social skills of a person.  Skills compiled by Eastern Kentucky University include: communication, courtesy, flexibility, and integrity.

Companies are using assessments to capture soft skill data at the application level.

Assessments are becoming a new standard for how companies attempt to measure talent soft skills. New AI (artificial intelligence) technologies are quickly emerging to provide smart analysis based on certain criteria to help employers make better hiring decisions. Assessments technology integrates easily with applicant tracking software, so companies can add them to online applications and gather data automatically. They also serve as a method for avoiding potential bias during the review process. New innovations are expected to be announced in 2021 and beyond.

4:  When planning for an increase in remote work, distributed teams, and remote recruiting, what are some of the most valuable tools?
For remote work:
  1. Fast, reliable internet
  2. Video Conference software such as Zoom or Google Meets
  3. Chat rooms such as Slack
Remote recruiting:
  1. Talent management software like ATS OnDemand
  2. Video interview software such as Spark Hire
  3. Text recruiting to connect with talent fast
  4. Onboarding technology to capture pre-hire information virtually using e-signature technology
Watch the Spark Hire & ATS OnDemand webinar here!