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July 20, 2017
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Preventing and Managing Employee Burnout

Employee turnover costs United States Businesses over billions of dollars each and every year.

People often underestimate the costs associated with the onboarding process and training new employees takes time. Employee burnout also results in high absenteeism, lower productivity and less employee engagement in the workplace.

How can you prevent these universal problems from arising in your particular business? One solution is to change the way your business does meetings. Rather than meeting inside the conference room, move outside and conduct walking meetings or set up at a table outside.

This although it may seem minor will provide your employees with a change of scenery from their computer screens and small desks. This will not only allow the employees to recharge but it also allows them to relieve stress. You should also be offering mental health days for your employees to increase morale.

Having support from a manager to take a day off without the risk of being perceived as “not a team player” or lazy. Offering to buy the team lunch after a successful week is another way to show employee appreciation and reduce burnout. Encourage employees to also take their allotted vacation days and “at-home hump days” if they need a change of scenery or even just a break. Create fair workloads and monitor their completion with at work check-ins to see company progress.

Taking the time to talk to your managers and showing the benefits of employee appreciation can go a long way for your business. Provide employees with all the resources they need and make them feel as tho they have everything they need to be successful in the workplace.

Make the little things count and be proactive in managing employee relationships to ensure that the employees you’re hiring are driven, hardworking, and there to stay.