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July 12, 2017
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July 20, 2017
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Why Instagram Marketing is Crucial to Success

Instagram has grown enormously popular in recent years, especially since it was purchased by social-media tycoon Facebook in 2012 a year after their launch.

People of all ages and demographics have been utilizing this photo and video-sharing app to connect with their friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, etc.

With its constantly evolving photo-stories, location sharing and different video functions, Instagram has even surpassed Snapchat and Youtube’s daily active users. This is an astounding rate of growth as the app has begun to overtake apps that it was originally modeled after such as Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Daily active users for Instagram has reached a whopping 250 million, but these users are not just individual consumers. Many businesses have begun taking advantage of Instagram’s services as it provides them with an outlet for business promotion and social media marketing.

This is an entirely free service where businesses can grow their profile and extend its brand awareness.

Real estate places can post pictures of properties if there’s a decrease in price or if a buyer backs out. A restaurant or chain can post pictures of new menu items, drink and food specials, even openings they have for reservations.

Lots of businesses have ran with this idea and have created profiles that are home to hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of followers. What’s a better kind of advertising and brand promotion than one that is completely free? This has been proven to show great results for even small businesses with little to no costs to worry about.

Although many continue to wonder what direction is Instagram heading in, does it have a real future in place? Instagram is seven years old but it has no plans of disappearing anytime soon.