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October 9, 2018
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Make Offer Approval a Team Effort


ATS OnDemand includes an offer approval tool assisting hiring teams with approving and confirming offers.

This customizable process automates hiring and allows for internal employees to review and approve hired data and salary information easily through email. Additionally, anyone in the company can be a part of this process, not just licensed users.

ATS users choose the level of approvers and the preferred order of confirmation. There is no limit to the amount of people that can be involved in the process! Our system will automatically send a secure link to the established chain of approvers based on the user’s selected preferences. These fields feed into both the offer letter, using variables, and incorporated third-party payroll providers.

Once an offer approval process is completed internally, custom offer letters are sent directly to the intended new hire to review and sign using e-sign technology. All accepted data is then recorded to the ATS and easily accessed by recruiters.

When the offer letter is signed and accepted, the approved information will then flow to one of our integrated payroll providers, if used. This process eliminates room for error, tedious entry and saves hours of getting information approved manually. Since all offer letters are signed and accepted remotely, new hires can sign on the go without the need to be present for a signature. This way, they are ready to start working on their first day as a new employee!