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Teams Use Social Media Recruitment To Increase Candidate Traffic


Social media recruitment is an effective way to share jobs and increase candidate traffic. Each social media platform serves a different purpose and group of people. Facebook and LinkedIn remain the top platforms most used by recruiters and job seekers. Yet, there are data points to consider before executing your strategy on either platform.

Facebook: High Volume Of Candidates

According to research, Facebook dominates the proactive candidate pool with about 83% of job seekers using the site to find positions. But to use Facebook for social media recruitment, teams would need to focus on maintaining engagement and consistent activity to reach their audience. Otherwise, based on Facebook’s algorithm, viewers are less likely to see new posts. Followers who are engaged with your company are more likely to see new posts. They are also most likely a fan of your brand. When people like you and apply for jobs at your company, they tend to be high-quality talent that remains an employee long term. If you have a lot of jobs to share with a large audience on Facebook, this could be a great strategy to increase candidate flow.

LinkedIn: High Volume Of Recruiters

LinkedIn is a great platform for proactive recruiters searching for talent, but you better be ready for the competition. 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source talent (compared to 55% on Facebook). Fewer than 40% of individuals on LinkedIn are proactive or passive candidates. Yet LinkedIn remains a powerful networking hub for ambitious teams to engage high-quality and unique talent. If your company has hard-to-fill positions or seeking a special set of skills, LinkedIn could connect you to the right people.

Automate Social Media Recruitment With Applicant Tracking Software

Social media recruitment is a breeze with applicant tracking software (ATS). Recruiters can connect LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to the ATS and share jobs instantly for free. Engage talent, build a strong candidate pool, and hire new employees using one platform.

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