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September 26, 2018
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4 Reasons Why Hiring With an ATS Leads to Future Success


When a company posts a new job and hundreds of candidates apply, it is usually the job of one person to review the candidates resumes and decide if they should be moved into the next stage of the hiring process. Many resumes go unnoticed due to human error and lack of resources such as time and money.  Some of these candidates can sometimes be the best fit for the job. That is why every company, no matter the size, should implement an ATS. Here are 4 reasons why no hiring manager should face the difficulty of hiring without the help of an Applicant Tracking System.

1. Applicant Tracking Systems save time

Rather than a hiring manager sorting through hundreds of resumes and applications, an ATS easily sorts the most qualified candidates. This saves countless hours and company dollars.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems save money

When using an Applicant Tracking System, the usual hiring related costs are eliminated. An ATS will automate the hiring process and help hiring managers find the best fit candidates at lower costs, rather than hiring more recruiters and paying more salaries. Applicant Tracking Systems are often affordable no matter what size of your company. For instance, ATS OnDemand now offers ATS Lite for smaller companies at a very reasonable $49 a month.

3. The most qualified candidates are hired

Usually finding the best fit candidates for a position can be a very taxing job for the hiring manager. Applicant tracking systems can effortlessly filter out unqualified candidates from the qualified ones by filtering capabilities and skills matching. Machine learning and other new technology are introducing new "Best Match" capabilities to highlight this feature.

4. Improved candidate experience

The overall candidate experience is improved greatly when using an ATS. Most applicant tracking systems have the capability of sending candidates text messages and automated interview scheduling. This keeps the candidate in the loop and eases their mind through the application process. Also with an ATS the onboarding process becomes incredibly smoother. Pereless ATS offers customized messaging, unlimited link storage which includes training videos and other learning resources, and electronic signature capabilities.

Spencer Pereless