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December 10, 2020
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Do Small Teams Benefit From Applicant Tracking Software?

Is it worth the cost for small hiring teams to use applicant tracking software?

What is applicant tracking?

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is cloud-based software that helps recruiters automate job ads, online applications, and talent management. ATS hosts applications, collects candidate resumes, and stores that data inside the software. Other tools and integrations are used in conjunction to manage interviews, payroll, background checks, and more.

Who should use applicant tracking? Recruiters who want to…

  • Create, post, and share job openings.
  • Want to build a company-unique talent pool.
  • Want to source, review, and hire talent in one platform.
  • Care about company branding and reputation.

Who needs an applicant tracking system? Recruiters who…

  • Still collect talent resumes via email.
  • Want to transform applications from paper to digital.
  • Want to provide an easy way for talent to submit their information.
  • Want to automate candidate data, review, and disposition.
  • Want to improve communications between recruiters and talent.

Can Companies With Small HR Teams Afford Applicant Tracking?

Short answer: yes!

Using ATS software to automate recruitment doesn’t need to cost a fortune for smaller organizations. Many ATS vendors cater to larger organizations that require tech to manage a higher volume of candidates. This reduces flexibility and increases price. Smaller companies that need a budget-friendly solution to manage automation and standard recruiting tasks have a harder time finding solution for them.

Vendors like ATS OnDemand were built to help smaller companies grow.

ATS OnDemand’s platform charges per user license, so if you only need one individual to manage recruitment, simply pay for one user! Depending on needs, you could start sharing jobs and collecting resumes for $39/month. What the platform manages is up to you!