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New Normal: Recruiting & Hiring Post COVID-19 Quarantine


As the COVID-19 quarantine slowly eases around the United States, people are experiencing new recruiting and hiring practices. For people who lost their jobs and looking for work, what opportunities are available for them? For companies looking to hire, how will they do so while the Coronavirus still remains a concern?

What does the current job market look like?

Compared to April’s 14.7% unemployment rate, the beginning of June has shown some improvement with 2.5 million new jobs and unemployment standing at 13.3%. Although unemployment numbers are still far from ideal, rates are expected to continue to decline as restrictions on social distancing eases and businesses reopen.

According to job data mined via Indeed, beauty and wellness, dental, and logistics/delivery jobs are seeing an increase in hiring. Technology, healthcare, and finance sectors also see positive trends. Hospitality, entertainment, retailers, airlines, and childcare see a decline. 

For small businesses who managed to survive quarantine, they have a large applicant pool, yet are not expected to pay high salaries. Office jobs have slowed hiring, while remaining remote. With a large talent pool of qualified candidates looking for work, remote companies have technology on their side as an advantage.

Competition heats up with new recruitment tools

With companies offering remote positions while competing for top talent, there is great demand for digital interview tools that are expediting the hiring process. Video interviewing has become a new norm, with platforms providing on-demand video, audio, and SMS-based interviewing tools. These tools allow hiring teams to meet the candidate face-to-face virtually to maintain in-person qualifiers without sacrificing safety. It also expands talent pool qualifiers by removing location requirements. With the right tools, video interviewing can be convenient, enhance candidate engagement, and be an overall positive experience for both candidates and hiring teams.