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June 26, 2019
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3 Hiring Tasks Made Easy With Employee Onboarding Software


Welcoming new team members requires preparation to ensure compliant and successful implementation. Employee Onboarding software can streamline hiring and provide a secure database for new hires to accomplish tasks. Here are 3 ways onboarding can help:

  1. Team Notifications – Onboarding software enables teams to assign work tasks to individuals responsible for employee implementation. Email alert notifications ensure assignments are completed by a specific date and time in preparation of a new hire’s first day.
  2. Get paperwork completed faster – Transform paperwork into electronic documents and store them in onboarding. Assign new hires documents to access, view, and sign remotely using a smart device. This will streamline the implementation process significantly.
  3. Assign candidate tasks – Provide new hires a check-list of items and tasks to complete prior to their first day. Set due dates and track progress to ensure timely and successful completion.

Applicant Tracking + Employee Onboarding Software

Onboarding software is typically integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS), making the transition from candidate to employee even easier. ATS OnDemand’s applicant tracking solution includes an customized and secure onboarding portal for recruiters to hire new employees and set them up for success.

For smaller teams looking for a powerful and budget-friendly employee onboarding software, ATS OnDemand is a great option.

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