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June 24, 2019
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July 9, 2019
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One Major Complaint Job Seekers Have About Employers

No status updates. No follow up emails.
Communication between recruiters and job seekers is extremely important to maintain positive relations.

Rejecting someone is never easy, but it can be respected with professional and timely communication. Who knows, you may end up hiring that person later.

ATSOnDemand Will Get It Done

Recruitment teams can take control using automation and email branding tools available in applicant tracking software (ATS).

ATS OnDemand’s email letter function is completely free and unlimited. Created and stored in a centralized area, system users have the option to enable emails to send automatically based on a candidate’s position in the recruitflow.

Recruitflows refer to candidate status flows on the job level; determined by where recruiters place them manually, or where applicants are moved automatically based on application responses (knock-out questions). Letters can also have a delayed send time. Recruiters who prefer not to use their personal email address to send letters can use a generic email address that will manage replies and inquiries.

Don’t leave candidates hanging; it could hurt your reputation. Engage and inform to let them know you appreciate their time and interest, even if you passing them up.

Get started for $49/month per user.

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