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Recruiting On A Budget: Applicant Tracking Helps Small Teams Grow


Recruiting on a budget can be a challenge for smaller teams. They need to find, connect, and match the right talent in a fair amount of time while keeping costs low. For smaller companies to grow and succeed long-term, finding the best talent is critical while spending wisely. The right applicant tracking system (ATS) can assist small businesses recruiting on a budget and planning to succeed.

Free Job Postings

A main function of applicant tracking is creating jobs and posting them to external job boards. Sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter integrate with ATS platforms so employers can post jobs for free. Listings are open to the pubic and sorted based on criteria such as company name, location, and job category. ATS platforms also provide tools to share and track job links to websites that do not integrate with ATS software (like Craigslist or college classifieds), expanding reach beyond standard job platforms.

Free Teamwork

There are many ATS vendors that quote prices based on company size. There is one ATS that charges only for what you need and allows an unlimited amount of non-licensed users to participate in the recruitment process for free. Not every member of the company needs to be involved throughout the entire recruitment life cycle, yet sometimes it is important to get them involved in certain approval processes.

Job approval: ATS users can create a job listing for the sales team and send it to them for approval.

Talent review: When candidate applications start flowing in, ATS users can forward resumes to colleagues to review and comment using a secure link delivered by email.

Offer approval: When recruiters are ready to make an offer, they can draft a letter including specified data and send for a final team review.

All recorded in the ATS. No additional cost for teamwork.

Free Social Media Recruitment

Sharing new career opportunities with your online audience can be a completely free process. But without an applicant tracking software behind your jobs, there are limited tools available to monitor social strategy. Connecting this ATS to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is free and instant. Recruiters can share specific jobs or their entire career page to their audience and reach hundreds of people within seconds. Oftentimes, those who follow you on social media would jump at the opportunity to work with you, meaning social media can be an ideal source for attracting great candidates. Candidate source and quality is tracked in the ATS providing teams a beneficial and free tool to assess recruitment strategy.

Recruiting on a budget + applicant tracking software

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