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March 14, 2019
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Customized & Secured Onboarding Portal Welcomes New Hires With Ease!

Hiring teams tasked with Onboarding new staff now have a major advantage: technology. Yet, not all companies have found the right technology to fit their needs.

With the ATS OnDemand’s Onboarding portal, important tasks and documents are completed with ease using electronic document technology hosted on a secure platform. Portals can be customized to suit specific candidates and company brands. Best of all, we built Onboarding ourselves, allowing us to offer competitive solutions for our budget-conscious clients.

Not only will upgrading your current Onboarding process save time and money, it will improve workflow management and provide new employees an easy way to process documents.

Upgrade Onboarding

  • Document Management:  Convert paperwork into electronic documents and store them within a centralized and secure portal.  Select and assign documents to activate within the candidate’s onboarding portal for completion.
  • Electronic Signature Capabilities:  Add electronic signature capabilities and allow individuals to sign documents instantly
  • Team Notifications: Set up tasks for hiring teams to complete within a specified time with the ability to send email alerts
  • Employee Tasks: Set due dates and time limits for assigned documents to new employees
  • Send Onboarding Email: Customize your message and send employees a secure link to access Onboarding when ready
  • Track Progress: Hiring teams can view the progress of assigned documents and tasks
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