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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Tools Will Help the HR Industry

As the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows, questions and concerns have arisen throughout the recruitment industry: ‘Will automation remove the need for humans in recruitment?’ With several artificial intelligence recruitment tools making their debut, the opposite appears to be true. Applicant tracking systems are a key function for success in recruitment; and AI can serve to enhance and streamline some of its most important processes.

Here are some ways that artificial intelligence will help recruiters:

1. Save Time
Some believe we are witnessing the apocalypse for human recruiters, but the industry already has tools that disprove this theory. Artificial intelligence recruitment tools like Intelli-Match won’t replace humans. Instead, it will work quickly to rank candidate data and find the best fit for jobs. Recruiters still remain key players in reviewing results, confirming qualifications, and connecting with talent to establish relationships.

2. Save Money
Applicant tracking systems are great with managing and organizing large amounts of candidate data, however recruiters still need to sort through applications individually to find the best fit. AI can significantly decrease time-to-fill rates and turn-over by locating quality talent that will remain employed long-term. According to SHRM, it takes an average of 40 days and over $4,000 to make a hire. The cost of losing a good hire is an average of $30,000. With AI working continuously to gather, learn, and provide results that match company needs, return on investment improves and overall costs decrease overtime.

3. Remove Human Error
Although hiring managers and recruiters might be meticulous throughout the hiring process, inevitably mistakes will be made. However, it might not be at the fault of the recruiter. Humans are naturally biased, and this part of human nature can have unintentional consequences during candidate selection. Artificial intelligence removes any chance of human error as it ranks candidates based on their data; nothing else. This could be of great help when finding a candidate who might be overlooked.

Technology serves a great purpose at times, and recruiters can take advantage of its new implementations. Finding the right candidate doesn’t have to be time consuming, costly, and frustrating. Rather than steal their jobs, AI can help ease the pain points of recruiters and allow them to succeed.

By Victoria Leighton

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