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January 23, 2019
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4 Tech Tools For Optimized Recruitment


ATSOnDemand’s applicant tracking software is loaded with functionality to track, manage, and maintain recruitment workflow. These 4 tech tools are just some of the standard functionalities that provide valuable data at the candidate and job level.

Flow Timeline

Monitor team progress and view candidate activity by checking the flow timeline. This provides a real-time overview of ATS user activity, candidate flow, and candidate dispositions inside the system.


Where are your candidates coming from? The sourcing tool tracks information providing valuable data on candidate traffic and job board conversion.


The pipeline report provides data at the job level that includes information regarding where candidates are within the review process, pass rate, and the average amount of days applicants remain within a flow.

Job Performance

Provides a quick list of top 10 best and worst performing active jobs in regards to candidate flow and the amount of days a position has been posted.

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