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August 7, 2013
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Attracting The Mobile Candidate

No matter your business or industry, reaching the top talent in your field through a comprehensive recruitment strategy is essential to your success. You need to use the latest methods to find employees who will help guide your company into the future. While businesses have long relied on websites to attract job candidates, it is quickly becoming even more important for businesses to build mobile-friendly sites.


Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Recruiting Strategy

Today’s job candidate can search for a new position from practically any location. Job seekers are checking out open positions from coffee shops, trains, buses, airports, parks and cars. With so many promising candidates exploring positions via mobile devices, it only makes sense to ramp up your recruitment strategy to include a strong mobile recruiting component.

If you rely on your career page to attract talent, take some time to browse the site on a mobile device. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have to pinch or tap the screen frequently to see the site?
  • Are links and text on the site too small to read or tap?
  • Are large image files used on the site?
  • Does the site use drop-down menus that smartphones don’t accommodate?
  • How long does it take to send and receive job application materials?

Use your answers to determine whether your job site is mobile optimized. If the site is difficult to use on a mobile device, you’re probably losing qualified job candidates who simply don’t want to mess around with the inconvenience of navigating your website.

Creating a mobile recruiting site is about more than just making it easier for job seekers with smartphones to fill out application materials. It’s also about boosting brand awareness and setting your company apart from the crowd. Despite the popularity of mobile job applications, only 7 percent of employers in the U.S. use mobile websites and only 3 percent use mobile job applications. When you establish a mobile recruiting program, you’ll be securing an important strategic advantage over your competitors.

Of course, business leaders who want to dive into mobile recruiting must be prepared to handle the new volume of applications created by a mobile jobs site. One of the best ways to handle this traffic is to use an applicant tracking system (ATS). Using ATS OnDemand, you’ll be able to sort, file and analyze candidate data. You’ll also be able to send targeted marketing messages to mobile job seekers and quickly communicate with promising candidates.