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June 28, 2017
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What Telemarketers Don’t Want You to Know

Cold calling has become almost nonexistent in recent years and marketers are looking to something different. Before the days of technologies like Caller ID and voicemail, cold calling was a great way to find new customers and line up prospective clients for your business. However, in recent years cold calling has become a thing of the past for a plethora of different reasons.

The number one reason for this change was Caller ID.

When was the last time you answered a phone call from a random location and a number you didn’t recognize?

People often try to list themselves on a do-not-call list to try and prevent these types of calls.

In addition to this decrease in receptiveness, cold calling altogether has become an inefficient use of business resources. Its reported that the average salesperson spends over 6 hours on the phone before setting up a single appointment which consists of about 50 different calls.

This results in a negative experience for the representatives as consumers often hate to be disturbed by random phone calls. Furthermore, there is high employee burnout and turnover which is costing companies way more than their meager cold-call return on investments.

It’s time to look towards the future and utilize inbound marketing to be a successful business.

Inbound marketing seems to have become the future of marketing and it has changed its approach for finding new customers. Rather than reaching out to cold prospects through cold-calling, warm possible clients come to you. This is accomplished through many different ways where potential customers can connect with your business.

These prospects could be subscribed to your website’s blog, in touch with company social media, saw a product video or demo, etc. Instead of approaching these potential clients with the same scripted sales pitch, sales representatives can treat each customer uniquely.

By utilizing each client’s unique history, sales representatives can better suite and address customers needs. In order to have a successful conversation with a prospective client, do your research and understand what they are/have been looking for from your business. It’s time to step up your approach to finding new potential customers through the use of social media and . This is how inbound marketing has completely revolutionized marketing techniques and has made cold-calling almost completely obsolete.