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June 30, 2017
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Government Data Makes its way into Training Recruitment

There has been a lot of buzz around government data and its possible application to many different business practices. This data can be applied to lots of processes within the business industry and can help streamline company operations such as applicant tracking and talent acquisition.

Big data is a huge step forward for Human Resources Departments as they can work to find and employ the best possible applicants for their business.

Government data can offer insight into lots of information recorded over time and from all over. This data can inform recruiters where different types workers are located, for example where there’s a surplus of managers, engineers, accountants, etc.

Its reported that in the decision for expansion or consideration for a new location, the workforce is always in the top five factors.

Even if it is an astounding location and an untouched market, it’s often never enough for a business if they don’t have the proper backing and help from good employees from around the area. This is where government data has stepped in to help.

Different data agencies like the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) are perfect examples of organizations that provide data sets for businesses around the country to use. This data determines whom and where to recruit employees and human resource officials should familiarize themselves with this process to interpret applicant flow data.

At this point in time, government-provided data seems to have a real future in human resources and talent recruitment.

However, the future of government applicant flow data in recruiting might be in danger with the introduction of Trump administration’s budget cuts.

This will affect the US Census Bureau and BEA by decreasing their allotted budgets by millions and millions of dollars. Although, HR professionals should take advantage of this availability of government data in order to ensure their businesses are recruiting the best possible employees.