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Top 3 Recruitment Tools Every Small Business Needs


Finding affordable recruiting tools for a small business can be tricky. Low-budget applicant tracking systems (ATS) typically provide basic recruitment tools, yet most are missing the best innovations that improve workflow.

Luckily, there are applicant tracking solutions available that caters to smaller teams and provides the latest recruitment technology. Here are 3 trending recruiting tools every applicant tracking software should include:

Text Recruiting Software

81% of all Americans have smartphones, and 78% of millennials use their device to search for jobs. With mobile devices as a large source for active job-searching traffic, it is essential to have the ability to text candidates after they apply.

With applicant tracking software, candidates applying for jobs can communicate via text when recruiters reach out. Recruiters can send interview requests to mobile phones and get instant responses from talent. Since texting is the preferred way to communicate, text recruiting will be sure to expedite the review and hiring process.

Be mindful that not all candidates want to receive text messages. Maintain a positive relationship with candidates by allowing them to opt-out. Sending texts can cost money to the recipient, and some candidates might view it as spam!

Employee Onboarding

Pre-hire and onboarding phases are crucial to a successful new hire experience. Without a positive and smooth plan, new employees are more likely to seek other career options. A user-friendly onboarding software connected to an ATS keeps the process simple for recruiters. Digital signature tools, document storage and tracking, team tasks, and a secure portal provides new talent the tools needed to succeed long-term.  

Artificial Intelligence Automation

The best artificial intelligence (AI) recruitment tools will enhance recruitment without replacing humans. AI recruitment software like Intelli-Match helps hiring teams sort thousands of resumes in a matter of seconds. With a smart keyword recognition system, candidates matching specific qualifiers are highlighted and ranked based on the recruiter’s needs automatically.

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