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July 6, 2015
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The New Generation: Millennials

Emile Durkheim once said, “Each generation is reared by its predecessor; the latter must therefore improve in order to improve its successor. The movement is circular.” As we begin to shift from one generation to the next, we start to take precaution. The U.S. Census Bureau recorded that 3.4 million people turn 65 in 2015; most of these people will end up receiving social security benefits, which means they can retire as soon as possible. Why is this so important? How will hiring managers and specialist prepare for the years to come? The millennials are the next group of people to come up and take these leadership roles. Stewart, Cooper and Coon wrote a blog called Issues in HR: The Generational Shift, which talks about how the Millennials are beginning to reject the classic “American Dream” and instead are redefining it in their own terms.

Millennials observe and reflect on their predecessors successes and failures to ready themselves for future endeavors. As the time for them to step into the workfield approaches, their commitment does not seem as strong as their parents. For Millennials, work life is not a priority due to reasons such as spending time with family and friends; they wish to balance their social and working lives. For the best interest of a company, the baby boomers have to find a way to work with and understand the next generation. Taking action and mentoring the Millennials is a very important way to keep them committed and involved with the company. Not only do they have to be taught, but the workplace that they work in must be friendly and flexible.Kid-Boss

Millennials have been censured by the public and we have the ability to guide and make them feel important in the world today. Even though mentoring and teaching the next generation is very important we must also adapt in order to integrate better with the future workforce. Flexibility in a schedule is very essential because many employees have been receiving shorter calendars; however, this allows for dependability and continuation with the company. Not only have shorter schedules been implemented, but telecommuting has been introduced to the field as well.

In such a critical time, it is imperative for Millennials to rise up and continue a legacy. As more and more baby boomers retire, they will need to find ways to spread their knowledge with the younger employees coming in. Understanding Millennials isn’t just important in HR, but it also relates to all different kinds of positions around the world.

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