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January 18, 2015
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3 Ways to Attract Millennials at Your Small Business

Millennials are starting to take over the professional talent pool, which has led to a mix of optimism and uncertainty for businesses and hiring managers. For these young adults born between 1982 and 2000, the workforce needs are beginning shift with a new generation, leaving businesses to adapt or fall behind.

For starters, a survey from the University of North Carolina found that 65% of millennials view personal development and growth as their most important criteria in an employer. While more tech-savvy and multi-tasking than previous generations, these new candidates also value “meaningful work” and personal freedoms over higher salaries.

So how can you get this new generation to work for your company? These simple strategies can help reign in this gifted new talent pool:

1. Recruit on Their Grounds

small business applicant tracking systemMillennials put social media on a high pedestal, so why not reach out to them in place where they actually are? Today’s small businesses can even utilize applicant tracking systems to automate job postings to online job boards and social media platforms.

This helps you reach millennial candidates on their own turf, while also showing that you have an understanding of their ideals. Generation Y wants to work for companies that identify with their needs, which makes this approach a great start.

2. Embrace New Technology

No generation has ever been more dependent on new technology, and these plugged-in candidates can fit in well with your small business priorities. Socially savvy employees present a great opportunity to expand your brand’s digital reach, which can help get the word out to an entirely new market.

In addition, the UNC survey estimated that about 33% of millennials would prioritize social media freedom over a higher salary. These simple perks can help keep your employees happy, even when you don’t have the resources to financially reward their work.

3. Revamp Your Training Process

Once millennials are in the fold, the focus shifts to retaining an increasingly notorious “job-hopping” generation. Part of this process can start with the way your company approaches onboarding and training, both initially and over the course of time.

In comparison to older generations, millennials have had plenty of guidance among parents, teachers, coaches and more. Therefore, these younger employees respond best to a mentor as opposed to an authority figure.

Applicant tracking software can keep the onboarding process simple for new employees, allowing them complete necessary tasks at their own pace even before Day 1. To see what our solutions can do for the rest of your recruiting, request a demo of ATS OnDemand’s small business applicant tracking system or call (800) 585-3084.