3 Ways to Attract Millennials at Your Small Business
January 18, 2015
The Shift Toward Mobile Job Applications: Reach Users On The Go
January 18, 2015
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Are your Jobs Attracting the Mobile Job Seeker?

People are relying more and more on mobile devices to interact with the world around them, and that trend extends to the job search process as well. Mobile job searching allows users the accessibility to keep up with the latest job openings, and the privacy to pursue new opportunities on their own mobile device.

According to a survey conducted by GlassDoor, 89% of job-seeking respondents said that they plan on using their mobile devices in their job search. Not surprisingly, recent college grads and entry-level job seekers have been quick to adapt to mobile job searching. In addition to these top two categories, people looking for healthcare jobs, finance jobs, and jobs in technology rank among the top 5 groups of professionals seeking jobs on their mobile devices. For employers seeking out professionals in these areas, focusing on mobile recruitment is a particularly wise choice.

Taking advantage of mobile job search allows candidates to get more done, in smaller windows of time. The website, The Ladders, recently conducted a study claiming that if candidates wait longer than 72 hours to apply for a position after it’s been posted, the chances of your application even being viewed by an HR professional or hiring manager drop by roughly one half.

That’s where your mobile device can come to the rescue! You will have first view and first dibs on all the hottest jobs posted instantly! Start using it for your employment search today, and you just might get that dream job before you know it!!