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December 28, 2015
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February 11, 2016
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Market your career page and corporate culture!

Millennials are more particular when choosing where they want to work, the world offers a greater amount of opportunities for millennials to start or advance their career. So the question is, how do you attract them to come work for you instead? You need to develop brand awareness and corporate culture, marketing doesn’t just start and end at promoting your product or service, it can be used in recruiting new qualified talent to help your company grow.

Millennials are a social generation, they have numerous profiles and monitor various social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Most companies already have a department in marketing for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining the company’s social media profile and promote awareness. Having and maintaining a presence over social media offers a sense of transparency and it also allows you, the company, to engage with you clients/customers, potential customers and even address what’s going on within. It allows people to connect on some level with the company and it offers you a greater resource of potential candidates to come work for you!

Social Media engages an audience and it makes the company a little bit more relatable to candidates, so what’s next in attracting millennials to your company? Documenting and promoting your company culture. Company/corporate culture is even more important than it’s ever been, millennials like to do their research on companies before applying for a positons, this has let companies like Glassdoor come to be by offering a free resource for people to see what others (internal and external) think of the company and how they operate. Foster a sense of employee pride within the company, encourage them to talk about their day and the company on their social medias, and most importantly, give them a reason (positive reason!) to talk about. Let your employees become a brand advocate to potential candidates; and you can also promote your corporate/company culture on your social media outlets which we talked about in the previous point about how it’s a great resource to reach people.

Finally, we think this is an up and coming way that more and more companies are starting to do: create a Marketing Career Page. No, that doesn’t mean a career page just for marketing professionals and positions, it means making your career page as marketable content! Companies like H&M have seen great success in taking this approach with their interactive career page. Marketing Career Pages interact and engage candidates, giving them insight on what it’s like to work for that company and even what to expect for that position or department for which they are interested in applying for. Have some videos and testimonials of current employees in certain positions talk about their daily duties and make it natural and fee real! Don’t use a script, millennials will be able to tell the difference between a scripted testimonial verses a genuine one. Marketing your company and job openings to candidates is done in various ways but with an underlying key process, you must engage them! Engagement creates awareness, transparency, a connection and most importantly, it creates an opportunity for your company to be successful!

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