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September 25, 2013
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October 15, 2013
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Let Technology Help You, Not Replace You

It’s likely that every department in your company makes use of the latest software and tech innovations to stay abreast with the competition. It shouldn’t be any different in the human resources department, where using an applicant tracking system (ATS) can streamline manual, outdated processes so that you have more time to do what you do best. Take a look at ten key ways that a tracking system can help you stand out in your organization, focus on the human side of your job, and increase hiring success.

Streamline Hiring: An ATS allows you to automate everything from job applications to hiring reports so that you can focus on strengthening the overall hiring process. Instead of wasting time re-entering candidate information into a spreadsheet, rely on your ATS and spend your time developing great interview questions or improving your careers page instead.

Stay Organized: You don’t have to worry about losing resumes, applications or cover letters when you use an ATS to store and organize all of your important candidate data.

Build A Candidate Pool: When you use an applicant tracking system, you’ll be able to keep a pool of qualified candidates at your fingertips. Instead of digging through a stack of resumes from six months ago to find one candidate, set search parameters in your ATS and pull the candidate up in a matter of seconds.

Mitigate Risks: Eliminate concerns about meeting Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements by collecting and storing all necessary candidate data in your ATS.

Eliminate Bulky Paper Processes: Get rid of those stacks of copied applications and those files stuffed with resumes by taking your hiring process online. You won’t have to spend hours every day filing, meaning that you can concentrate on the people behind your enterprise.

Improve Application Review Times: Simply having all job applications in one place means that you can sit down, review resumes and schedule interviews without hassles. By setting up job specific prescreening questions, you can focus on the qualified applicants at hand.

Foster Communication: When your HR department uses an ATS, you’ll be able to increase communication across your enterprise and ensure that your applicants are getting looked at and communicated with, and no one is wasting time on tasks that have already been completed by other team members.

Meet State and Federal Guidelines: Never worry about proving that you’ve met government job posting and hiring guidelines again by using an ATS to track your hiring efforts and compile EEO data for reporting purposes.

Create Reports Without Any Hassles: The days of sitting in front of your computer for hours working out turnover or hiring cost formulas in a spreadsheet program are over. With an ATS, you can run reports at the touch of a button.

Gain Hiring Insights: Use the reports that you create in your ATS to better understand hiring and turnover trends. By understanding these trends, you’ll be able to budget for your department and set a hiring plan to bring your enterprise to the next level.