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June 4, 2015
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How to Survive Mobilegeddon

In our generation today, the everyday job seeker looks for the easiest way to apply for a job. They go on their computer, type in the company they wish to apply for and begin to fill out the application; as they fill out the application containing endless questions about their personal information and previous work experiences, the time seems to be wasted away. Interruptions to the process, which pauses the use of the PC, can make it difficult to finish the application. However, what if there was a way to take the application with you? Applying via mobile device has become the fastest, most efficient way to apply for a job and the mobile recruiter has easy access to the process as well. Quick access allows the hiring manager to take a step further and send back notifications pertaining to their application status. With the advancement of technology in society today, the use of your phone will give you the same advantages as if you were using your PC.Blog_Pic

Following up with an application is one of the most important parts of the application process. Letting them know that you care about the work they put into filling out your application takes a lot of weight off their shoulders. The use of a short message service (SMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) establishes the ability to link recruiters and job seekers for easy follow up and constant contact. You have to promote your mobile website using the most decisive ways you could possibly configure. Tim Sackett for The Hiring Site Blog, recorded that 86% of people use their smartphones to search jobs and 70% want to apply mobily, which is a huge statistic. The use of notifications allows applicants to hear about the new jobs that are available, new recruitment videos promoting your company and status of their application.

People think that long pages full of sentences describing and outlining the job and company may be the most competent way of selling their company, but they are indeed mistaken. When I first click that link to the website and see a video, that catches my attention. A video gives you the chance to talk about the company, showcase the product, give a visual of the job requirements, and show specific features that may not have been included in the application process. In addition, a video allows us to present our work environment and relationship between the staff. This allows the viewer to see and feel the working atmosphere that we have to offer which is very important when it comes to hiring.

Mobile recruiting has taken over the job of the PC and really has showed how powerful it could be. As time progresses, our technology becomes more advanced and the only way to strive is to follow that path. This inexpensive and easy process can be the difference between what you are doing now and what you could possibly be doing to flourish tomorrow.

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