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April 20, 2015
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June 1, 2015
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Disparate Times call for Desperate Measures

Finding the best candidates for any open position in today’s competitive marketplace requires a diligent recruiter; one that has identified the best sources for targeted demographics. For some professional openings, you may depend on sources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor or employee referrals to find top talent.  For other positions typically held by a younger demographic, recruiters are turning to social media and making sure their candidate experience is mobile responsive.  The “post and pray” method combined with using multiple systems to achieve one task is creating lost time for HR teams and directly affecting your bottom line.

Additional time is lost when HR teams need run EEO reports, qualify said candidates, properly status candidates, initiate background checks, send offer letters and finally onboard your new employees all with disparate systems and processes.  Multiply this by the number of open positions, then again by the number of locations.  Not to mention proper distribution to assigned agency or Hiring Manager, I’m exhausted just writing about it.  Fortunately, with today’s technology this can all live behind one centralized talent management system.

Modern applicant tracking software provides HR professionals a solution to all the above and more. The best systems have the ability to prequalify applicants with screening questions and automatically move them to a status in your workflow. This saves time and allows recruiters to win the war on talent by getting to top candidates faster.  The best systems should also deliver the logic to automate letters and notifications, keeping your candidates, agencies and internal staff in the loop.  Take the first step today to bring together your recruitment processes under one system, saving you time and your company money. Start with the basics and pay as you grow with ATS OnDemand applicant tracking for small to medium sized businesses.