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February 18, 2015
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April 28, 2015
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Are you Neglecting Your Internal Candidates?

Most HR professionals know that marketing your company and providing a great candidate experience will enhance the quality and volume of applicants. With that being said, we sometimes see a complete 180 when it comes to how companies market internal positions and handle internal candidates.

If a current employee is looking for a position within your organization, you can guarantee they are also looking at positions outside your organization. Small and mid-large sized companies alike should worry about attrition as it directly impacts the bottom line. If you don’t adapt your apply process to recruit both public and internal applicants, you could be missing out on candidates right under your nose. Supplementing your current ATS with a robust intranet career site is a good solution to retaining your best people. Not only can you provide employees with an incentive to stay, but you also gain valuable experience for future recruiting and hiring that moves your company forward. After all, intranet and retention go hand-in-hand!

Attrition is expensive. Show your employees that you promote from within!

This doesn’t take a lot of effort. Set up a career page that is accessible from your intranet or at least just have the link available to your current employees. Have those applicants be placed into a separate stage of your recruiting process so you can easily identify them. Give them a separate set of prescreening questions, and consider their apply process. Do they really need to complete their education and employment history again? Make them aware of how committed you are to their growth. Spending a little time here can make a big difference down the line as your company grows.