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5 ATS Recruitment Features For Small Businesses | ATS OnDemand

ATS OnDemand’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is packed with recruitment tools that will benefit your small business, regardless of industry.  We narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite features based on client feedback.  

1) Built-in text message functionality


Our team built a text message tool from the ground up to provide recruiters an innovative way to contact talent using the most popular method of communication today: mobile!  Candidates elect to opt-in by entering their mobile phone on job applications.  Hiring teams then use the ATS to send text messages instantly while using a system-generated phone number.  A message center organizes and manages all conversations with the option to send mass texts to multiple candidates at once.  Best of all, this functionality is cost effective because we created it ourselves – no third-party software involved that would result to inflated prices!


2) Free Recruit Team Members

These are free and unlimited individuals that can be included in the recruitment process by ATS users.   These members never login to the ATS directly, however ATS users can send them emails to participate in candidate review, job approvals, offer letter approvals, and onboarding tasks.  This makes it easier for hiring teams to complete tasks quickly and include important team members without the extra cost.  Read more about Recruit Team Members here.

3) Custom Reports & Templates

Our applicant tracking system makes it easy to run reports at the job or candidate level.  Select a template or build your own report to gather real time data and metrics instantly.  Templates include: Agency summary, job approval, offer approval, total candidates/job summary, daily activity, conversion rate, ROI, candidate source, and more!


4) Prescreening Questions with ‘KOs’

Create job-specific prescreening questions and mark them as “KO’s” for simple candidate disposition!  All prescreening questions created in the system can be selected as “knock out” (KO) questions.  Depending on the candidate’s response, a “KO” will disposition candidates into a specific recruit flow automatically.  ATS users have total control on what questions are considered knock outs, and to which disposition status results based on responses.  Our clients rank this functionality as one of the best when it comes to sorting through large amounts of candidate flow!

5) E-Form Builder

Create custom forms for internal or external processes with our E-form builder!  Another tool built by our development team, we provide system administrators the ability to create forms with an easy drag and drop tool to share with internal teams or your talent pool.  E-forms are free of cost, easy to use, and come standard with the ATS.

ATS OnDemand is packed with functionality that suits all recruitment needs! To learn more about how we can help your small business, contact our friendly customer support team today!

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