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Why Your Career Page Matters The Most

Even the most successful business leaders can make the mistake of overlooking a company website’s careers page. It’s easy to assume that most of your site’s visitors are looking at services and product information or are learning about your company’s history. However, marketing research consistently shows that it’s actually a company’s careers page that will receive the most traffic. Some careers pages will receive over one million hits each year. Given the high level of exposure it will receive, it’s essential that a careers page be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and filled with information useful to both the passive job seeker and the top talent in your industry.

Avoiding Common Career Page Mistakes

A company’s careers page is the easiest way for potential job candidates to become acquainted with company culture, assess corporate achievements and decide whether or not a career with your company can help them meet their professional goals. It’s essential that you avoid these common mistakes when designing your career page:

  • There’s a lack of adequate information about your company’s culture and past achievements.
  • You don’t provide information about promotion and growth opportunities within your company.
  • You use confusing acronyms or industry-specific terms with which new professionals may not be familiar.
  • You post text that is full of misspelled words, poor grammar and confusing sentences.
  • You post dull company descriptions that don’t employ superlatives.

A well-written and designed careers page can help your company attract top talent. Be sure to focus on making this page one of the strongest on your website. Doing so will help you to maximize your recruitment budget and create a strong brand identity.

Leveraging Careers Page Potential with OnDemand Solutions

Creating a high-quality careers page is just the first step to attracting top talent to your company and getting your company name out there. The ATS OnDemand team will build a branded career portal to match your company’s website, making it easy for the best job seekers to submit application materials. The OnDemand system doesn’t use gimmicks or plaster its logo on your careers page to attract candidates. Instead, candidates go through a simple application process that entails job basket technology, social media integration, easy document uploads and prescreening questions. A strong careers page and online application portal can increase your company’s web exposure while minimizing recruiting expenses.