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Intranet & Retention Go Hand in Hand

The old career adage of people leaving companies because of their managers is true sometimes. In most cases, however, the reason people leave is because of the company. This is especially true when their career path is stagnant. If you watch closely, people who want to advance their careers will also apply for internal positions.

This raises an interesting question: are people taking advantage of formal in-house programs that promote and retain good people? If not, this is a golden opportunity for companies to communicate the advancement and retention programs that exist.

A robust intranet career page option with your current applicant tracking system is an effective tool. Employees have access to information about current job openings, including how and when to apply.

The following best practices offer some guidance on how you can utilize your ATS with an intranet option to retain top performers. Consequently, you can also gain insight into why employees want a change.

Use Internal Pre-Screening Questions

Part of your internal application process should include pre-screening questions to determine why employees are looking for a different position.

Some employees do not think that their current job challenges their skills and abilities. Others might not be satisfied with their current salary. Still, others could have relations issues with coworkers or disagreements with their manager. Whatever reason they have, asking the right questions can help you gain more insight so you can improve recruiting strategies and workplace culture.

Make Your Intranet Career Page More Appealing

Companies stretch the budget to recruit outside candidates who appear to shine at their current work location. You can use the intranet career page to do the same for employees. Keep employees informed and show your dedication to promote from within.

Showcase your company brand and remind employees why the company is still a great place to work! Include career advice, training videos and highlights of company benefits. Feature an employee recognition section and surveys to get valuable input on what can make your company a better place to work.

Give employees priority for applying and interviewing for open positions. By setting internal expiration dates on your jobs in your ATS, this is an easy feature that allows employees to receive first preference before the positions go public.


Supplementing your current ATS with a robust intranet career site is a good solution to retaining your best people. Not only can you provide employees with an incentive to stay, but you also gain valuable experience for future recruiting and hiring that moves your company forward.