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Hiring Millennials? 3 Things You Need To Know


Millennials, also known as Generation Y, represent people born between the years 1981 and 1996. Known for coming of age during the information age, millennials have unique characteristics that set them apart in today’s workforce. Millennials will soon make up about 58% of the workforce, so it’s important to understand their work ethic and what they value in a career.

Work/life balance is sometimes more important than salary

A main reason for the large amount of millennials job hopping is because of better opportunities for work/life balance. According to NSHSS, 69.2% of millennials surveyed found work/life balance to be one of the most important traits in companies. This is one major way millennials are shifting the modern workforce. The typical 9-5 job at the office is changing to remote work based at home.

“Younger generation managers are more likely to embrace remote working, both for their employees and their staff. Three-quarters (74 percent) of millennial and Gen Z managers have team members who work a significant portion of their time remotely, versus 58 percent of baby boomers. By 2028, 73 percent of all teams are expected to have remote workers.”

They want more money because of student loan debt

Despite work and life balance being more important than salary for some millennials, others are focused on finding ways to eliminate student loan debt fast. According to Unum, 35% of young workers desire student loan aid assistance by their employer. As a result, companies have implemented student loan assistance programs to attract young talent.

They search for jobs on their mobile device and prefer texts from recruiters

Unlike older generations who still prefer phone calls and emails, millennials take mobile communication more seriously. According to research, Millennials actually prefer texting to communicate with businesses, as it’s an instant way to connect and get the ball rolling.

When it comes to job searching, a Glassdoor survey found that 9 in 10 job seekers use a mobile phone to do it. According to Pew Research Center, 96% of U.S. adults ages 18-29 own a smartphone. With a majority of millennials using smartphones to find jobs and chat with recruiters, it’s important to cater to them if this is your talent target.

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