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Hiring for Unusual Hours

Looking to hire someone at unusual hours? There are a lot of candidates that are looking for work at unusual hours but as a hiring manager, you want to make sure that you do your due diligence. On average, employees working unusual hours (night shift, weekends, and holidays) tend to be paid slightly higher of an hourly wage than employees who work your typical hours; this is mainly due to the fact that these hours tend to be less desirable for most people. But why hire or have the need to hire people for these hours one may ask, the question is a legitimate one that most companies ask; most companies in the field of production or delivery tend to have the need for these types of employees. Having the facilities working 24 hours and even 6-7 times a week can increase efficiency for these companies, especially during times of heavy schedules.

HR Recruiter states three keys to successfully recruiting and hiring for these positions. First point is to look for past experience in a similar schedule; many people think they can work these hours but most of them aren’t suited for this. This may seem like a double-edged sword situation, but the thing with most of the jobs that have opening for these hours is that someone can start their shift earlier and see how they fair. Also most of the people who do apply for these positions have their reason,unusual hours blog such reasons range from sleeping habits to family needs to even recreational habits. The Second Point, make sure you conduct your reference checks with former employers; specifically ask about their working habits and ability to work independently as it relates more to the requirements of the job trying to be filled. Third Point is to ask questions during the interview that can probe into the candidate’s desire for this schedule and ability to work under the specific conditions that will be present. This is very key in order to determine the motive and potential for the candidate to succeed in the position. Also it is important to understand and see if the candidate is able to work the hours independently as most of the supervision in the upper level of management is away.

The interview with a candidate is a key part, as is almost any interview, but with trying to fill these kind of positions one has less “leave way” or room for improvement/error. Working the night-shift tends to leave employees mostly to work independently and it’s good to know ahead of time if their work ethic and problem solving skills fit not only the position at hand but also the company’s needs. When interviewing the candidate, it’s good to ask situational type questions; these questions range from how they would handle a problem that could come up such as machine malfunction or and a breakdown on the production line. How quickly they would react and resolve the problem is key and it’s also good to see if it lines up with Company guidelines; it is good to know that you are safe and don’t have to be worried when the candidate comes in to work in these hours when there is minimal supervision. You want to weed out those who may not work so well independently and who have poor problem solving skills, after all, if you have to wake up in the middle of the night and solve something that defeats the purpose of hiring someone to work that shift!

Also when hiring, it’s good to know how they handle themselves in an unsupervised leadership position and how they handle managing downtime. Working the nightshift tends to have its downtime, more than working a regular shift, it’s nice to know how the candidate would handle these situations and how they would keep others working. There is more of a “Lead by example” environment for these shifts, especially when hiring at the supervisor or higher level; also due to the fact that there is less upper management interactions and involvement during these shifts, there is more of an influence by the few leaders or supervisors working.

Hiring a candidate to fill a position for unusual hours can seem daunting, but fear not, you have some of the tools to make sure that you proceed properly so you don’t regret hiring the wrong person! Keep in mind that just because the pay is slightly higher on average for employees who work this shift, it’s a position not meant for just anyone. Its key to do your due diligence and make sure the candidate is a right fit for the company and the position. There are key traits and abilities one should possess, such as the ability to work independently and quick problem solving skills, but it is also good to know that they handle their time effectively and efficiently; most companies that have the need to hire for these hours are working on a tight schedule where they need to produce goods to keep up with demand. So take this all in and go forth! Hire the proper candidate and maybe comeback and share your success stories!


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